If you are unsure what services you need, we suggest you consider the following questions.

Do you find that your key managers are so overwhelmed with day-to-day demands that they are unable to devote the energy to leading the organization forward by making or implementing strategic initiatives?

Consider our straightforward and powerful strategic planning process for organizational change.

Are you finding that the same human resources problems keep re-surfacing?

Consider tuning up your employee relations policies and procedures with some human resources consulting.

Are some of your departments suffering from poor morale?

Consider a company survey with interviews to obtain feedback and recommendations for change.

Do you find yourself dealing with factions and politics, particularly around your Board of Directors?

Consider a team development program, including a team audit to optimize your team composition and a strategy retreat to build camaraderie and focus in your team or board.

Do you find that you spend too much time listening to complaints about other people’s incompetence or personalities?

Consider a conflict resolution audit and proactive team-building initiatives.

Are you frustrated that some of the people you hire just aren’t the right fit for the job?

Consider improving your selection by using our process of selecting the best, developing your managers through leadership development or helping them through career transition.